Aether Magic: Time


Time is a fundamental force of the universe and one of the most complex aspects of the cosmos that sits above the elements. All things in existence are bound by time and move through it at a fixed rate, even inanimate, stationary objects.

Time is an infinite web of interlacing possibilities woven throughout space, not a single static line that only flows in a predetermined direction. When an object moves through time the past does not cease to exist, rather every moment is always in existence simultaneously.

Unlike other subsets of magic, Time only has two possible effects with varying degrees of strength. These effects do not manipulate time itself, but the placement of an object along its path.

Precision is the most important part of casting Time magic, more so than any other element or aspect. Applying more force than necessary can cause an anomaly where timelines cross, tangle, and collide with devastating effects. Worse still, a temporal flux can occur from gross manipulations of time that ripples outward, skewing time and space across dimensions and timelines until mended.

Delay / Accelerate

As their name suggests, Delay and Accelerate slow and speed up an object’s movement through time respectively. As all things in existence are bound by time, all things have a resistance that must be overcome to alter their flow. The energy it takes to overcome an inanimate object’s resistance to time manipulation is roughly equal to its mass-energy equivalent in aether.

To cast either spell on a sentient being the interference of energy from the soul or spirit must also be overcome in addition to its mass-energy resistance. A more powerful being will naturally have a higher level of innate interference.