About the author

J. Armand is an American novelist. His interest in both literature and the supernatural stem from a childhood filled with reading about superheroes and mythology. It wasn't until taking several detours in life that he finally decided to do what he loves and chase his dream to become an author.

His writing style includes all the heart-pounding action of a dark superhero tale mixed with unique symbolism to reflect current events and themes in the real world through various perspectives. 'The Immortal Coil' series was written with the intent to show how history truly does repeat itself and even though we are all different, it does not mean we have to be alone.

For questions, comments, and all business-related inquiries he can be contacted at: jarmandauthor@gmail.com

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About the artists

  • Greg Opalinski is an American freelance illustrator who has taken on the arduous task of bringing 'The Immortal Coil' universe to life through a variety of art styles and media, such as every book cover so far. He is a highly talented and trained professional available for commissions.

Visit his website www.gregopalinski.com or email him directly at: gopalinski@gmail.com

  • Gerry Wongkar is the second freelance illustrator to work on the series and is based in Indonesia. He specializes in realistic character portraits and concept art.

Visit his page on DeviantArt www.deviantart.com/gerryarthur or email him directly at: gerrycommission@gmail.com

  • Antti Hakosaari is a freelance artist from Finland with a diverse skill set who has worked on the most recent pieces for ‘Infernal Providence’

Visit him on ArtStation www.artstation.com/haco or email him directly at: antti.hakosaari@gmail.com