Aether Magic: Aerothurgy


Aetheric wind magic lacks in versatility until higher levels, but interacts favorably with most other elements. Even a light breeze can carry poisonous gases or blinding smoke.



Breeze – sub-40 mph single direction winds

Carry Contagion – Direct the flow of airborne diseases and toxins. Also useful for spreading battle incense among allies.


Gale – >40 mph single direction winds


Storm – <75 mph single direction winds

Suffocate – Deprive a living being(s) of oxygen to cause a slow death.


Hurricane Rank 1 – >110 mph omni-directional winds the size of a city block

Overfill – Expand a living creature's lungs until they burst to inflict instant death.


Hurricane Rank 2 – >155 mph winds spanning several city blocks

Twister – <1 mile across, <250 mph rotating winds

Vayu's Shield – Surround oneself in churning winds to foil physical projectiles.


Hurricane Rank 3 – >200 mph winds

Tornado – 2 miles across, <275 mph rotating winds

Rudra's Blade – Create slicing projectiles from the air itself.


Hypercane – Continent-wide winds of 350-600+ mph including multiple tornados.



Purifying Breeze – Wind + Light separates contagions from the air to make it breathable again. (Intermediate)

Zephyr – Wind + Time(Accelerate) is a graceful and deadly application of speed. Time only increases movement, but does not affect the physics along with it. Wind enables the caster to make lofty jumps, superhuman leaps akin to flying, and vorpal backdrafts or sonic booms when running due to extreme air pressure changes. (Advanced)

Supercell – Wind + Water + Lightning can create apocalyptic conditions even at sub-demigod levels. Fire can synergize to raze the ground with flaming tornados. Earth can add sand that when hurled at high enough speeds is capable of slicing through any manmade structure with ease. (Master)