“Hey, pretty face.” Noah appeared beside me on the couch with his arm over my shoulder and kissed my cheek. Something fuzzy brushed against the other side of my face where his hand was that made me recoil.

“What is that?” I turned to check what he was holding. It was a stuffed animal.

“Prairie dog.”

“It’s so cute,” I laughed and took it from him to get a better look at.

“You’re pretty cute yourself.” Noah kissed my cheek again and sat me against him between his legs.

“Thanks, tiger.” I kissed his chest and got a grunt of approval in return as he rested his head on top of mine. “I’ll call him Peabody.”

“His name should be something tough. Look at those beady little eyes. They’re the eyes of a cold-blooded killer.”

“No they’re not. His name is Peabody.”

Noah put Peabody in his mouth and shook him back and forth as a wild animal might upon catching its prey. The sound of the little feet flapping was funny, but I pulled him free.

“That’s what I’m gonna do to you later after I drag you back to my cave or wherever tigers live.” Noah pointed to the bed.

“Oh really? Why later?”

“Because first I’m gonna eat this pancake.” He went over to his side of the bed and reached into one of the pillowcases to retrieve a pancake which he proceeded to stuff into his mouth whole.

“Why was there a pancake in your pillow…?”

“In case I got hungry,” he said with a big dumb smile and put his arm up to flex. “Always prepared. Always awesome.”

“You’re not going to pour maple syrup down your throat like you did at breakfast, are you?”

 “Why? You got any?” The sound of the hard swallow it took to down the whole pancake made me cringe. He wiped the crumbs from his mouth using the back of his hand and sauntered over to me a dashing grin. “Time for you to gimme dessert.”