“What are you doing?” I groaned from beneath my pillow as I was awoken by a rousing sensation under the covers. It may have been a stupid question. Noah had his face buried in his favorite place with me on my stomach.

“Enjoying breakfast. I thought I’d eat out.”

“Can it wait?” I let out a yawn that transitioned back into a muffled moan. “I’m really tired.”

“So go back to sleep. I’ll let you know when the sausage is ready.”

I couldn’t help myself from laughing at how serious he sounded when he said that.

His whiskers tickled my skin as he smiled without a word and then continued what he had started. I was beginning to enjoy myself along with him and was almost lulled back to sleep at one point until he stopped.

“What’s wrong?” I asked when he came up and put his arm around me.

“Nothing, I just wanted to hold you.” He kissed the back of my head and put one arm under my pillow. “You’re still gonna get the sausage later.”

We both laughed through the grogginess in our voices and snuggled closer. The contours of our bodies fit together so perfectly like we were made for each other.

“I think you’re actually more teddy bear than tiger.”

“I think you’re asking for it.”

I rolled Noah onto his back and kissed across his broad chest. “You’re just a big cuddly tiger.”

He growled and put his arms up over his head. “I’m warning you; I’m a horny tiger too.”

We maintained eye contact as my lips traveled down the curves of his abs. I reached under the sheets and grabbed a handful of his manhood to stroke in my hand.

“Get up here and sit on my face,” he demanded, but I decided to ignore it and replace my hand with my tongue to tease the length of his shaft until taking it in my mouth.

He grabbed my hair and after losing himself for a few moments in heaven, he tried to guide me up to his face. I took his balls firmly in my hand with a gentle tug and played with them using my thumb.

"I never let anyone touch those, ya know," he told me.

"I wasn't giving you a choice."

Immediately, he let go and put his arms back up over his head on the pillow with deeper and deeper groans. I knew exactly how to remain in control and keep him tame just by touching him the correct way.

Noah’s legs quivered and his toes curled the closer I got to drawing out a release from him. His hips began to thrust instinctively to push himself further down my throat toward pleasure until another gentle squeeze regained his compliance with a grunt. The pair of muscular thighs on either side of my head that were powerful enough to crush bone, but I had his complete cooperation with only a few subtle motions.

His breathing grew heavier and grunts more intense until finally he let go with a labored, but satisfied sigh. The volume of his emission was so much that I had to force myself to swallow. His body then went limp on the bed—drained and relaxed for the time being.

I turned him on his stomach without any protest to rub his shoulders and massage away any remaining tension from his back. He was silent now, but as his breath slowed I could tell sleep was taking over. I threw the covers over us and settled in on top of him to join him in our dreams.