"Good Morning"


“Time to get up, tiger.” I kissed Noah’s chest where my head was laying and snuggled closer under the covers we were both tangled in. He stretched and smiled with my pillow over his eyes. I didn’t mind that he claimed it for himself when settling in each night; I preferred to sleep on him and he was plenty big enough to do so comfortably.

Noah put his arm around me and fell back asleep following some incoherent mumbling. He was never easy to get out of bed, but neither was I as of late. My favorite part of the day was waking up and falling asleep next to the one I loved.

I lightly traced my finger over his upper lip and then the lower one to rouse him again. After a couple of passes he yawned and took my hand to nuzzle and kiss, then drifted off.

“Noah!” I laughed and moved up so I could kiss his neck. That got his attention, as it always did. His lips found their way to mine and he turned on his side so he could hold me with both arms without ever removing the pillow from his face.

We could kiss and cuddle for hours and his stamina didn’t stop there. Noah’s appetite for intimacy was endless and I very much enjoyed being on the receiving end of everything he had to offer. He could go from being a tiger to a teddy bear, passionate to playful, all while never interrupting the mood. No matter how much time we spent together I never got tired of us exploring each other’s bodies. Seeing all those muscles of his throughout the years was one thing, but getting to squeeze, rub, and sometimes even bite them was a whole different story.

Noah put me on my stomach and lied on top of me, kissing along my shoulder and up my neck, then back down and across the other side. “I’m up,” he said with a deep growl that turned into a groan.

“I can feel that,” I said, referring to him slowly grinding his hips back and forth against me.

“Yeah? You gonna give me my breakfast?” Noah’s scruff teased the side of my neck until he closed his jaws around it just enough to restrict the blood flow without breaking the skin. The lightheaded sensation that set in after a few seconds was arousing. I gripped the bedsheets with one hand while the other grabbed Noah by the hair.

He liked that.

“If you want it then you’re gonna have to take it,” I baited him.

“You’re about to be the one taking it.” Noah bit harder to make me squirm and then let go and licked my neck where his fangs left an impression. He ran his hands along my sides as his soft lips traveled down my spine with increasing aggression the further he got.

I let out a gasp that quickly transitioned into a series of moans when he reached his destination under the covers and held me by my hips while he went to work. Every part of Noah was as dexterous as the last and his tongue was no exception. He was just as good at making use of each calculated movement in bed as he was in battle.

“Tell me you want it,” he said during a brief pause. I wasn’t going to give him that satisfaction yet though and even if I wanted to, I could barely get a full sentence out between exasperated breaths. His fangs slid into my bare cheek and sent shivers up through my body as he drained me. “Tell me you want it,” he stopped and said again.

“I want it,” I repeated with a giant grin spreading across my face.

I was a god and yet he never had trouble being the dominate one whenever he wanted.

He turned me on my side and got behind me, his fingers continuing where his tongue left off until he was situated. He took me in his arms as tightly as he could without hurting me.

I held onto him to brace myself as he buried his face in my neck for a second time, but his biceps were too big to get my hand all the way around. He himself was double my size and engulfed the entirety of me whenever we were like this. It always gave me a feeling of security even if there was nothing around us to be worried about.

I kissed the thick vein that ran the length of his arm and closed my eyes as I felt the pressure from him beginning to penetrate me turn into ecstasy. His muffled grunts grew louder with every long thrust while he fed. My tiger never let any inch of either one of us go unsatisfied and each time was better than the last. He was almost more in tune with my body than his own as he focused on what brought me the most pleasure; whether it was rhythm or force.

Noah seemed to enjoy the journey as much, if not more than the explosive finish. He was reserved in his feeding to not push me over the edge until the climax had already been established so that we could both partake in the overwhelming sensation of blissful nirvana together. There was an unspoken synergy between us that came after becoming so acquainted with each other’s bodies. I knew exactly where and how to touch him to calm him down and extend our encounter.

Noah never missed a chance to show off his athleticism and keep things interesting. He picked me up from the bed and held me against him with one arm so we were facing each other—remaining inside me all the while. He used his free hand to get his cowboy hat from the nightstand and put it on my head with a grin and lingering kiss. When I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck it didn’t take much for my imagination to make me feel I was taking a rough ride across the prairie on horseback.

We migrated to the couch where Noah sat with me on his lap, still never breaking our connection as I straddled him. The more we kissed the more aggressive he got with his motions sliding in and out of me as he was driven wild, but I knew all of his weaknesses. I made my way down his pecs to the most sensitive spots and with only a few passes of my tongue and a gentle tug between my teeth his aggression melted and I was in control. The tiger’s growls and grunts faded to pleasured groans.

I let the passion between us rise to a fever pitch and then brought it back again several times over by exploiting his weak spots. I held Noah down by the throat while I sat on his lap and rode him. I even got his arms pinned behind his head by his wrists so I could tease him with a lick and bite to his biceps and tickle under his arm with my nose. He was never one to be submissive though; Noah was either wild or more wild. He almost bucked me off his lap more than once and spanked me playfully, ending with a squeeze.

I had more to practice than I thought on where his limits were. I riled him up past the point of no return when I started nibbling his earlobe and grabbing his chest. Once I taunted him to “take me like he meant it”, he wrestled me down onto the couch and mounted me between my legs in one swift movement. No amount of gentle kisses and teasing his vulnerable areas with my fingertips was taming him now.

He held me down with sheer body weight alone and thrust into me with growing excitement as he felt me squirm. I locked my legs around him and threw my arms over his shoulders while we kissed. He grabbed my face to tilt my head so he could attack my neck, but wouldn’t bite. Not yet.

His finger went past my lips for me to suck. He shuddered and put his other arm under me to hold the back of my head so I was cradled in his arms with no escape. The growls returned in harmony with my moans as he sensed the both of us reaching the threshold.

“I love you—so fucking much,” he gasped.

“I love you too—”

Then came a roar; primal and commanding. One final thrust using all of his length put me over the edge. He didn’t waste a second and ravaged my neck as soon as my body tensed. I dug my fingers into his sweaty back while he fed and felt his steady release throbbing inside me. He seemed to last forever as my strength drained after I finished.

Noah’s muscles relaxed, but he kept his hold on me tight when he was done. “I’m full,” he said and rested his head on my shoulder. "So are you, actually."

"Gross," I laughed and pushed his face away. We lied on the couch together in peaceful silence. Noah wrapped us both in one of our fur blankets. I ran my fingers through his hair as we drifted off to sleep together, but I knew that once we woke up we would probably start all over again.